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21 June, 2019

Guide to Making Good Customer Service Surveys

The most vital aspect in evaluating the customer’s satisfaction is through customer service. Customer Service is a way to communicate with the customers by providing assistance […]
28 May, 2019

Color Coordinated Business Branding

Image is a vital factor in any business branding effort. Color is part of the process of building an image. If you might notice, several top […]
26 March, 2019

When Is the Best Time to Post on Instagram ?

In high school, one of my friends was determined to find the perfect time to post her Instagram photos to maximize the amount of likes she […]
27 November, 2017

The Answer to Get Better Email Open Rates – Subject Lines

In email marketing, the first words you say to recipients is your make-or-break. It determines whether you will get a click or not. Proof of that […]
1 June, 2017

Rappi and Cabify do cross-branding to create a Food Delivery service

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