Guide to Making Good Customer Service Surveys

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28 May, 2019

The most vital aspect in evaluating the customer’s satisfaction is through customer service. Customer Service is a way to communicate with the customers by providing assistance about the product or service. Good customer service reflects satisfied and happy customers.

Another way to measure your company’s customer service is through surveys.

A customer service survey shows the solid reputation of the business you have established. Customers have the chance to evaluate whether their expectations are met and if they have been treated well by the company.

Through customer service surveys, positive and negative remarks are clearly shown. This is basically getting feedbacks from your valued customers. Because of this, the business can modify the processes, set other standards and develop better customer service. Customer service surveys mainly help a company in making good business decisions.

Writing a very good customer service survey can give you good results. Surveys that aren’t written well will definitely spoil the possible outcomes. To avoid this from happening, just follow the guidelines below and you can be assured of a well-devised survey questionnaire.

The survey objectives are very important; carefully identify your specific objectives. When goals are not clear, you may be lost and you will find out that your questionnaire had gone too long and unfocused. You will never get any information in just a single survey, the right thing to do is to be direct about the information you want to get.

Your expectations should be properly lined up. Successful surveys act as tools in denying and confirming the assumptions you have based on your objectives. Always keep up with the customer’s expectation and you will get informative answers.

Questions in the survey must be easily answered. Customers don’t want to have a hard time answering your questions. Never use abbreviations, slang or any technical jargons in your questionnaire. You will obtain more answers if you make easy questions.

You can use two to six kinds of questions. Use different kinds of questions such as the following:

  • Questions answerable by yes or no. (For example: Will you purchase this product again?)
  • Questions answerable by multiple choices. (For example: Which product do you love most? A. MP4 B. Laptop C. PSP
  • Using scale or rankings, e.g. rate our customer using the 1-5 scale. 1 as the highest down to five as the lowest. (For example: Please rate our service from 1 to 5)
  • Use open-ended questions. (For example: What are your suggestions to better improve our services?


Alternate easy and difficult questions. Mixing easy and difficult questions can make the customers answer more because this will make them interested. Do this by setting two easy questions first, like the yes or no and the multiple choice questions. Afterward, you can use open-ended questions. By this process, your customers will not feel that you are giving them a hard time answering each question.

Lastly, do not make biased questions. Successful surveys should get the true point of the customer and not the answers you want to hear. This is truly the way to measure customer satisfaction.

Companies highly regard customer service surveys. It is a very important tool to make new business decisions for the betterment of your product and service. The focal point of the many businesses is to gain 100% satisfaction ratings from the customers. Using surveys is definitely helpful to achieve excellent customer relationship.

If you haven’t measured the customer services of your business and see the necessity to know what your customers think about you and your business, give us a call at (786) 724 57337 or send us an email we can give you a hand.

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